The four-year arts programme will commence with a one-year foundation course which starts every August and finishes in late May/early June.

Deadline for applications is April 15 2020. The foundation course forms the basis of the three-year studio-based programmes.

The studio-based programmes have starting dates twice a year and applications are received throughout the year.

In exceptional cases, students may be admitted straight on to the studio-based programmes assuming that equivalent qualifications have been gained elsewhere.

Entrance Requirements

Candidates are required to submit six to ten drawings and other works, if possible. The material should be submitted digitally on a CD-ROM, a USB stick, as a PDF, or similar.
Shortly after this, candidates will be invited to attend a brief interview and asked to bring examples of their work.

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Describe yourself and the reasons why you would like to attend the Aarhus Academy of Fine Arts:
How do you imagine that your artistic and creative competences might be used in the future?
How do you expect to benefit from your studies at the Aarhus Academy of Fine Arts?
Which department do you plan to attend after having completed the foundation course (put a cross against the programme of your choice? – your cross is not binding).
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