Part one of the four-year arts programme at the Aarhus Academy of Fine Arts is the foundation course.
The curriculum focuses on drawing, sculpture, clay, colour, video, art history, and much more and takes place in a productive and vigorous environment where your assignments and original works are assessed on a continuous basis in dialogue with your tutor and fellow students. The foundation course culminates with an independent project and an exhibition of student work.

Besides forming part of the four-year arts programme, the foundation course can be used as a preparatory course for admission to schools of architecture, design, animation, or other art academies.


The foundation course forms a basis for further studies in visual art or related subjects such as design and architecture. The course aims to develop insight and originality in the approach to artistic appreciation and giving students a number of tools to deal with subjects in a creative context.
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The foundation course enables students, in dialogue with a tutor, to evolve their artistic expression. Focus is on content, form, colour, composition, and proportions. Students will acquire a sound knowledge of elementary disciplines within e.g. drawing, colour and material properties, collage, spatial form, installation, photography, and digital image processing.

For a given period, colour will be a self-contained theme and put into a 2D and 3D context. The computer will be used in a variety of contexts and an introductory course to image processing in Photoshop will be given. Video production will form part of project work.

History and theory of art are core elements aiming to consolidate your knowledge about art tradition and trends in contemporary art through 10 compulsory lectures. Likewise, there will be frequent gallery and museum visits.

During the foundation course, independent projects will be initiated where students will self-evaluate both orally and in writing and present their work for discussion on a continuous basis.


There are three permanent tutors on the foundation course. Additionally, specific subjects such as the history of art and digital media will be taught by visiting tutors.

Peter Lunding

Architect and visual artist. Educated at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture.

Else Ploug Isaksen

Visual artist. Educated at the Jutland Art Academy.

Sophie Hjerl

Visual artist. Educated at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and has a MA in Art Theory and Communication, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine.