The Aarhus Academy of Fine Arts is a place where people – be it students, course participants, teaching staff, collaborative partners, or friends of the house – will always be met with a meaningful and stimulating experience of art, its practitioners, history, or craft.

This is possible through our high professional standards and persistent ambition about remaining socially and artistically relevant on a personal and cultural level regardless of your business with the academy.

Aarhus Art Academy of Fine Arts has, since its inception, played an important role in the education of artists and craftspeople and the Academy is active in the cultural life of Aarhus, contributing to promoting the city’s emerging young artistic talents, thereby fostering a creative, open, and inspiring learning environment.

Our foundation builds on more than 50 years of experience in teaching and educating beginners and experienced art practitioners of all ages.


The identity of the Aarhus Academy of Fine Arts rests on a number of core values which have formed and pervaded the place for more than 50 years. These values are still highly relevant today and we cherish and acknowledge them on a daily basis.


The Aarhus Academy of Fine Arts has plenty of room and space for everyone.

An artistic sanctuary

Once you step through the gates, focus will be on your artistic development and education – and that alone. This is a place where you can try out new ideas, discuss your artistic practice with like-minded people, and grow as an artist.

A haven for art

Schmalfeld’s old buildings, formerly a tobacco factory, create a special atmosphere that oozes artistic freedom, activity, and inspiration. The setting allows activity and experiment – in an atmosphere of respect for all who use the facilities.

Intensive lessons

All tutors at the Aarhus Academy of Fine Arts are artists in their own right and recognised as such, all with their own practice beside their teaching activities. This vouches for high teaching standards pivoting on contemporary art and artistic development.




The Aarhus Academy of Fine Arts as the preferred educational establishment for committed, creative people of all ages who are interested in art.

Students attending the Aarhus Academy of Fine Arts are to receive highly professional tuition in terms of course content and pedagogy which will create a space for each student to progress and evolve.

The educational standards at the Aarhus Academy of Fine Arts will make the Academy the most sought-after independent institution providing art education where tuition will help consolidate the artistic foundation and competences of each student through personal dialogue, artistic challenges, and an understanding of art theory.

The Aarhus Academy of Fine Arts will, via a broadly based and varied choice of art courses, be the obvious choice for art classes under the auspices of Folkeoplysningsloven (the Act on Non-Formal Education and Democratic Voluntary Activity) in Denmark.

The Aarhus Academy of Fine Arts will be a meeting place where artistic culture, tuition, networking, and dialogue will be capable of linking people and institutions.

The Aarhus Academy of Fine Arts wants to contribute to creating an international outlook and dialogue through cross-border collaboration.