The ultimate authority at the Aarhus Academy of Fine Arts is the General Assembly. At the annual general meeting, four external members of the Board of Governors are elected for a two-year period. The organisation is directed by a Board of Governors comprising seven people of whom one representative is elected from the student body, two from the teaching staff, and four are external representatives not involved in the running of the Aarhus Academy of Fine Arts.


Ane Hejlskov Larsen
Ane Hejlskov LarsenChairman
Peter Flejsborg
Peter FlejsborgDeputy chair
Karen Friis Herbsleb
Karen Friis HerbslebMember
Lars Juel Thiis
Lars Juel ThiisMember
Pernille Andersen
Pernille AndersenTeacher representative
Lene Desmentik
Lene DesmentikTeacher representative
Birgitte Dall
Birgitte DallStudent representative


Marianne Gasbjerg
Marianne GasbjergPrincipal
+45 4141 1193

Marianne Gasbjerg is the day-to-day manager of the Aarhus Academy of Fine Arts.

Chanette Spring
Chanette SpringController
+45 8613 8144
Chanette Spring is responsible for book-keeping and accounts.
Katrine Hee
Katrine HeeCourse and Education Administration
+45 8613 8144

Katrine Hee heads the planning, coordination, and follow-up procedures of courses and study programmes at the Academy.

Tina Frederiksen
Tina FrederiksenArt Director
+45 8613 8144

Tina Frederiksen is head of the Printmaking Department and Communications.

Per Olesen
Per OlesenCaretaker
+45 3073 4653

Per Olesen is responsible for maintaining the premises and outdoor environment at the Aarhus Academy of Fine Arts. He has everything under control with respect to technical equipment and systems and the environment and will always lend a helping hand.

Torben Poulsen
Torben PoulsenAssistant
+45 8613 8144

Torben Poulsen assists Per Olesen with practical maintenance at the Academy.

Camilla Kuus
Camilla KuusOffice assistant
+45 8613 8144
Camilla Gabrielle
Camilla GabrielleIntern
+45 8613 8144