• Collaboration


    Kunsthal Aarhus

    The Aarhus Academy of Fine Arts collaborates with Kunsthal Aarhus on open artist talks as well as administrative tasks.
    Find out about our next artist talk at Kunsthal Aarhus here


    Aarhus Billedkunstcenter (the Aarhus Visual Arts Centre)

    Aarhus Academy of Fine Arts collaborates with Aarhus Billedkunstcenter on developing the local art scene and the options of further training for established artists in Aarhus.


    Dansk Oplysnings Forbund (the Danish Adult Education Association)

    The Aarhus Academy of Fine Arts is an association under the auspices of adult education and a member of Dansk Oplysnings Forbund (DOF). DOF is a nationwide organisation for adult education institutions wanting to offer adult education on an independent and neutral footing – independently of party politics. The DOF organisation includes about 250 adult education associations and some daytime adult education institutes and language schools across Denmark.


    International Graphic Art – Nursery Rhymes & The Split Fold Project

    During Art Weekend Aarhus in 2015, the Aarhus Academy of Fine Arts presented the result of an international collaborative project on graphic art between the Aarhus Academy of Fine Arts and 11 academies and universities from abroad. The common title for both the exhibition and the project was Nursery Rhymes. Based on national and orally transmitted nursery rhymes, poems, or tunes, each institution designed a series of prints which were shared among the institutions. In this way, the works were shown in the nine countries taking part in the project.

    This year, students and course members from the Aarhus Academy of Fine Arts will again take part in a major international graphic art project. The project is entitled ’The Split Fold Project’ and was initiated by Universidad de Vigo in Spain. The theme for this year’s project will be the idea of the folded paper and the aim is to promote cross-border cultural movements, diversity, and changeability through the exchange of graphic publications.

    The project in 2017 involves 17 different schools, universities, and art academies from e.g. Canada, Mexico, Serbia, Taiwan, Belgium, Argentina, and Denmark.

    The Danish contribution is headed by Pernille Andersen and Ulla Madsen, visual artists and printmakers, who also teach at the Aarhus Academy of Fine Arts.

    Grafisk design by Peter Ejlerskov

    Peter Ejlerskov’s graphic design

    The Aarhus Academy of Fine Arts chose Peter Ejlerskov to design our new graphic identity due to his profound understanding of the significance of art and his never-failing ability to simplify matters of great complexity. Our new logo and identity take us forward while at the same time encapsulating more than 50 years of history. Peter Ejlerskov is a practising visual artist with many years of experience as a graphic designer.


    Aarhus Independent Pixels

    During16-18 October 2015, Aarhus Independent Pixels arranged a film and photo festival at the Aarhus Academy of Fine Arts where young photographers and filmmakers from the Nordic countries were invited to show photos at a censored exhibition, show films, and take part in debating events on film, photography, and visual art. The festival first took place in 2014 at the Aarhus Academy of Fine Arts and was repeated in 2015. The festival relies on voluntary help.

    Art Project Selde

    The project is a collaborative project between Skive Municipality, the people of the village of Selde, and the Aarhus Academy of Fine Arts. In 2012, Skive Municipality initiated a village enhancement project together with the people of Selde. A key element of the project was artistic embellishment and local involvement. The Aarhus Academy of Fine Arts was asked to take on the role of artistic project organisation and to handle the task of organising and managing the artistic decoration project.

    The incentive for the Aarhus Academy of Fine Arts to enter the project was the intrinsic educational relevance of the whole process, whereby elements of learning could be teased out of the artistic and debate-generating processes.

    During the project, students from the Aarhus Academy of Fine Arts took part in carefully planned collaborative sessions with the visual artists Lene Noer, Birgitte Kristensen, and Marianne Jørgensen. These artists headed the first village projects and tuition programmes for students in close partnership with the Aarhus Academy of Fine Arts.

    The project meant that the people of Selde took ownership of the art in their village and were inspired to undertake further artistic initiatives. This led to all the good intentions and energies being channelled into the project Skulpturlandsby Selde (Selde Sculpture Village) in 2014.

    Ceramic project with Randers Tegl

    During the autumn of 2014, Randers Tegl donated three tons of wet red clay intended for new projects at the Ceramics and Sculpture Departments at the Aarhus Academy of Fine Arts. The idea was to see how the students could transform the many kilos of clay into new projects and works.